7 years

Jurassic Park to Re-open its Gates

A release date has finally been announced for the long awaited Jurassic Park 4

Grab your palaeontology textbooks, pick up your torches and strap yourselves in, because Jurassic Park 4 is heading out of extinction and back on to our screens. Universal Pictures have announced on Twitter that June 13th 2014 will be the day the water starts to ripple in our glasses once more.

The first Jurassic Park wowed us all when it shook cinemas in 1993. The idea that dinosaurs could once again walk the earth woke the youngster in every one of us and we were drawn back to the days of childhood when we were all obsessed with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The sequels never reached the illustrious heights of the original, but with the fourth instalment stomping its way back on to screens and the 20th anniversary of the first film imminent, our love of the prehistoric beasts could yet be reawakened.

No news on the director or cast at the moment, but Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall will be producing, with Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver on writing duties.

Jurassic Park 3 was released over a decade ago and CGI has leapt forward since the offerings that graced our screens in all previous outings. However, Frank Marshall has previously stated that despite the new advancements that have been made, the film would still be relying on the tried and tested animatronics that the previous films showcased.

No news has been given on if the release date will be the same in the UK as of yet.

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