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New Skyfall Trailer

See the new Skyfall trailer here. Starring Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris, the espionage-filled film is set to thrill!

Bond is back! We’ve got the new Skyfall trailer for you perusal below. The film stars Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Judy Dench and Naomie Harris and continues the new line of Bond films. Sam Mendes sits in the director’s chair this time.

Fresh from dropping in on her royal majesty the Queen in the Olympic ceremony (a stint which saw the Queen herself apparently parachute from a helicopter into the midst of the action, a stunt worthy of Bond himself), Bond is facing new enemies in this latest outing.

Here we catch a glimpse of Ben Whishaw‘s gadget-loving Q and Javier Bardem as baddie Silva. The film features trips to various countries; some oriental, others barren and hot. Bond is up to his womanising ways again, this time in a steamy shower scene whilst in another shot he’s getting a close and personal shave from Naomie Harris.

Bardem sports a striking blonde ‘do in his appearance as Silva and could well steal the show if his impressive performance in No Country For Old Men is anything to go by. Maintaining the pathos set up in the previous two Craig-as-Bond outings, Skyfall looks set to continue the darker elements of its immediate predecessors.

This said, Dench’s ‘take the bloody shot’ line makes us smile even if it precedes a rather nasty looking explosion. One thing’s for sure, by encompassing both old and new Skyfall is one of 2012’s must-see films.

Let us know what you think of the trailer below!

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