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First look at Cloud Atlas stills and poster

Take a look at the breath-taking Cloud Atlas stills and poster here. Featuring Tom Hanks & Jim Broadbent they're a taste of what to expect.

After seeing the beautiful extended trailer we’ve been given our first look at some Cloud Atlas stills.

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at the five-minute trailer of Cloud Atlas. If you still haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. This week official film stills have been released. Capturing the beautiful shots present in the trailer the stills are a glimpse of what’s in store when the film is released in 2013.

Adapted from David Mitchell‘s hugely successful novel of the same name, the film explores how the actions of one generation can affect countless others. Amongst those appearing in the film are Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Susan Sarandon, Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving and Hugh Grant. What a cast!

Mixing drama, action and romance the story follows various lives in various places and times to tell an emotional tale. The Wachowskis are on directorial duty here alongside Tom Tykwer and look to have created a something that could be as influential as their 1999 hit The Matrix.


Cloud Atlas Skyline 2012

Here we see a futuristic world bathed in sunlight, providing some of the trailer’s most breath-taking moments.

Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks Hill 2012

Tom Hanks sits atop a deserted peak here, reflecting on some truths he’s discovered. In the trailer he appears to transcend time, appearing in multiple eras.

Cloud Atlas Papers 2012

2012 is a big year for Ben Whishaw. Whilst appearing in Cloud Atlas as Robert Frobisher he also appears as Q in the 23rd Bond instalment Skyfall. Watch the Skyfall trailer here.

Cloud Atlas Hugo Weaving 2012

Hugo Weaving is a man of many talents. Having previously worked with the Wachowski bros in The Matrix trilogy he’s also appeared in V For Vendetta and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks tribal 2012

Here Tom Hanks evokes the character he portrayed in Robert Zemeckis’s Cast Away where Hank’s character is shipwrecked on a tropical island.

Cloud Atlas Plates 2012

The impossible is made plausible in this picture, seeing plates cascade in one of the trailer’s more chaotic scenes.

Cloud Atlas Beach 2012

Here we travel back in time (or so it seems) to a beachy scene…

Cloud Atlas Forest 2012

… whilst this creepy forest dweller adds a darker tone to the proceedings.

Cloud Atlas Jim Broadbent 2012

The inclusion of Jim Broadbent adds a certain promise to the film. Whilst it features other big hitters, Jim Broadbent is a British staple.

Cloud Atlas Tree 2012

Another glimpse of the future the film portrays, this scene again suggests the beautiful cinematography at play.

Cloud Atlas Hugh Grant 2012

Hugh Grant seems to play a character he does best – a smarmy well-off middle-aged man.

Cloud Atlas Hug 2012

An emotional embrace brings us back to the main testament of the film – that it affirms the emotional bonds held between people and generations.

Finally we’ve also got the first official poster for the film…
Cloud Atlas One Sheet Poster 2012

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