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Zach Braff All New People Backstage 2012
Film Feature

Zach Braff Profile

Zach Braff is probably best known as protagonist J.D. from comedy Scrubs but the actor’s CV is a lot more impressive than most would think.

Ben Affleck Argo 2012
Film Feature

Profile: Ben Affleck

We take a look at the career of Argo star Ben Affleck, from stand out pieces like Good Will Hunting to the less favoured Daredevil.

Nathan Rees | 6 years | Read
Dredd Karl Urban
Film Feature

Anthony Dod Mantle: Profile

We look at the career of Anthony Dod Mantle, the British cinematographer living in Denmark who was instrumental in creating the visual style of the Dogme 95 school of cinema

Rob Batchelor | 6 years | Read