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Music Feature

Music Under the Radar: FEMME

Taking a peek at bands and artists currently working their magic under the radar of the mainstream music listening public and giving them a sporting pat on the bum.

Harry Roth | 5 years | Read
Film Feature

Realism in Gravity

Hailed as one of the best films of the year, Gravity is made brilliant with its realism, including sound, cinematography and performances.

Kim Pearce | 5 years | Read
Film Feature

New Kindle on the block

These days tablets are everywhere and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has been added to the ever growing list. We look at the finer details.

Rachel Godfrey | 5 years | Read
Film Feature

Love It or Lose It: A Message to Cinema Goers

Anti-piracy adverts are increasingly trying to scare viewers, this one takes it to another level…

Ollie England | 5 years | Read