We’ve had a boob job, applied some make-up and washed our hair and this is the result.

We have taken inspiration from all over the place and listened to our team of opinionators and readership. Hopefully you can enjoy a lot of the improvements to the site’s design and functionality. To name a few of many, you will now see more emphasis on the author’s opinion, a quicker navigation to what you intend to read, a never-ending stream of content that appears as you scroll down the page and a fully functioning responsive site that will adapt perfectly to which ever device you are viewing us with.

We hope your first impressions of our new site design are good, but feel free to let us know otherwise by comment or social network. Remember, this is a step towards building the greatest entertainment site in the world. We need your help to get there, so let us know what you is thinkin’.

On another note, we are looking for some gifted bloggers to take up the mantle of Subject Specialist on Roobla. This is where a blog represents themselves on our site by submitting content. Read more about this role by following this link.

That’s it for now, hope you all like the new look.