As of sometime in the not too distant future Roobla will be having a small but substantial change to the way it looks and feels. Once this transformation has taken place there will be 20 available spots for knowledge bearing bloggers and their sites to jump on-board.

The chosen will be known as Subject Specialists, publishing on our site with regular and update-to-date content under the guise of their blogger website. With this position you will be able to nominate your own writers to publish on Roobla or take the mantle on by yourself. You would blog as your site, not as you.

With this position comes free promotion for your site, with easy access links and follow buttons to your blog and / or your blog’s social network pages. There is also an HTML badge that, if you wish, could pleasantly sit on your blog showcasing how awesome you are at blogging about your subject.

There are 2 positions per subject up for grabs. The subjects of which are Drink, Film, Food, Gaming, Internet, Music, Sport, Tech, Theatre and TV.

It does not matter where in the world you or your blog is from. As long as you can showcase knowledge in your subject and an ability to write engaging and opinionated (English) content, you will be in with one heck of a chance of snatching 1 of the 2 spaces available.

For more information and to submit an application, visit our Subject Specialists page.