Patrick Mclean

Former reporter for the Wiltshire Times in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Aspiring music PR manager/editor/journalist. Love music, film, television, reading, writing, eating and travelling. Can happily say I have interviewed Enter Shikari, King Blues, The Three Degrees and more.

Patrick Mclean's Comments
  1. OF COURSE! Thank you for that! Josh Brolin will play Cable
  2. Henry Cavill would be okay, given his performance in Man from UNCLE, I would be interested in seeing how he would portray Bond. Regarding a break, I think you are right. The only issue I had with Spectre is that it feels like the franchise was revisiting older storylines and bad guys as they couldn't think of more original plots. Not to say that I didn't enjoy Christoph Waltz as the baddy and the film on the whole. Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!
  3. Fair enough, I personally don't agree. I cannot think of many films of his that I have scene where his performance is mind-blowing. But the same can be said with many of the ones listed. What I mean is his acting wouldn't fit the role. Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!
  4. Jamie Dornan is a very good shout! Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!
  5. Glad I don't stand on my own with this one Tom! I felt like giving up after three episodes of the first half, the premiere was the high point and then it just went down hill at a very high speed! If you need something else to watch, providing you haven't started it, watch Vikings. It is incredible and has been consistent from the very beginning. Why I have stopped caring about The Walking Dead
  6. This is a spot-on review of the new Marvel flick. I found it was fantastic from start to finish. I went into the screen with high hopes and was not disappointed in the slightest. Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  7. I think this is a spot-on review, I agree completely with the opinion on this film. Whilst watching it I was hopeful that it would deliver more, but it wasn't a bad movie by far just like you say, cursed with a 'lacklustre script' Review: Still Life (2013)