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  1. I totally agree about Holy Motors - it was such a memorable film that got so much attention... Amour was a masterpiece and probably a deserved winner but HM should have at least got a mention Top Five Oscar Snubs
  2. An utterly superb game - I managed to 99% it with the only thing I missed was not shooting 10 grenades mid-air that had been thrown at Lara. Easily the game of the year... Review: Tomb Raider (2013)
  3. Just having a play with this - after finishing Lego LOTR on the PS3, i feel totally saturated with Tolkien just in time for the movie next week. great find Explore Middle Earth With Google Chrome's New Experiment
  4. I would love to see a Rosie the Riveter in the corner of film posters. Hopefully people would seek out films that had one just like people did with parental advisory stickers in the '90s for albums If only there was a way to force the BBFCs hand on this one... a simple trial run would be fascinating Could Use of the Bechdel Test Change the Face of Cinema?
  5. I've always been partial to 1969 by The Vines and 1999 by Cassius both beautiful in very different ways. I'm checking out the Yeasayer track now Top 5 Songs Named After Years