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  1. I should definitely not have watched this, but I couldn't help it! Literally my worst nightmare... Video: I'm not afraid of spiders but this room is terrifying
  2. Fantastic stuff. I love no. 3! Snapdash Wednesday (50 images)
  3. What! You don't want to hear what Sandra gets up to in the bedroom? What's wrong with you? ;) Five Reasons To Watch… Gogglebox
  4. Great stuff. Love the 'No Diving in the toilet' sign! Snapdash Wednesday (31 images)
  5. Managed to convince my other half that this wasn't worth watching. Sounds like a wise move! Fifty Shades of Grey – a woeful experience
  6. Bloody brilliant. Video: Jean-Claude Van Damme is trolling YouTube
  7. Can't wait for next week's episode! Review: The Mindy Project Season 3, Episode 14 – No More Mr. Noishe Guy
  8. Interesting stuff. Looking forward to hearing what you think of The Wire. Remembering… The Sopranos
  9. Couldn't agree more. I was really impressed with this drama. Top notch performance from Maisie Williams. Review: Cyberbully (2015)
  10. Won't be going to see this then! Nice review Review: Tevar (2015)