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  1. "I for one hope that McGregor ruins a record belonging to a man that influences people to love money above all else" I couldn't agree more with what you've said! Especially your last statement. Though I feel the same, I will find it tough not to watch...I'd love to see McGregor put Mayweather on his backside. Why I’m Boycotting Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor
  2. Exactly. Retrospective action just effects an individual player, not the result which is the most important thing. Diving: Now Part of the Beautiful Game
  3. I completely agree. Conning the referee is a skill, and lots of players do it to benefit their team! Also jumping out of the way of a tackle and losing the ball should result in a free kick. A player shouldn't have to endure the tackle to get the foul. It's the classic going around the keeper scenario. Try and stay on your feet when clipped by the keeper and not scoring should be a penalty but it's not. So players have to take a tumble. Diving: Now Part of the Beautiful Game
  4. I have done exactly the same thing! I have a lot of friends abroad who have been raving about it for years! I will have to give it a watch now after reading this. How I became a fan of Twin Peaks in two weeks