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  1. Yes, this ad was news to me before I started researching for the feature, and it's true that things just aren't the same without Woolies. Why the UK’s always been a good advert for Hollywood
  2. This year's Winter Olympics demonstrated what sport can accomplish in the world of politics. Maybe the World Cup could yet do the same. To Russia with Love. The Duke of Cambridge won’t be coming.
  3. A little bit of a shame that it seems to have punched below its weight, but an all-star cast can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Review: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
  4. Can't say I'll be sad to hear the last of the Wayne Rooney/England debate. What I will say however (as this could be my last chance), is that a lot of those goals came in meaningless friendlies or in games against sides like Azerbaijan - hardly quality opposition. Yes, you can only play who's in front of you, but like you said Rooney failed to perform on the big stage. The likes of Lineker, Shearer and Charlton never went missing at the big tournaments against powerhouse footballing nations, and their records stand without the benefit of playing weak opposition on an annual basis. Finally the new era can begin
  5. It's a tough call this year, but totally agree that this should be United's best season in the post-Fergie era. The Premier League Title will be Heading North in May
  6. I would definitely like to see McGregor win, although whilst it looks a no-contest, the undercard should at least be worth a watch. Why I’m Boycotting Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor
  7. IV is definitely a good shout for the number one slot, so as good a reason as any for a Drago return. Ivan Drago on the Rocky road to a comeback
  8. Well, Wright did make the final, but the 'one last hurrah' came off. You couldn't have scripted this year's Matchplay. Darts World Matchplay preview 2017
  9. I also think Dunkirk should be applauded for sticking to the true story. So often in the past films have been slated for compromising historical facts, regardless of whether or not this actually benefitted the movie . Review: Dunkirk (2017)
  10. It's hard to see past MVG, but I still wouldn't rule out Taylor for one last hurrah at Blackpool. I think Peter Wright will make the final so he could easily take the crown. Darts World Matchplay preview 2017