Daniel Clark

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  1. Perhaps they would not have been calling for Sir Alex to be sacked, but the groundings that Sir Alex and Man Utd had back in 1986 are very different to the situation of today. Before being appointed Manchester United manager, Sir Alex had won three league titles, four Scottish cups, a Scottish league cup, the Uefa cup-winners cup and the Uefa super cup with Aberdeen. He took over a side that were 21st at the time of his appointment and ended that season in 11th place, and then finished 2nd the previous season. Sir Alex had a history of success before taking the United job and had an initial positive impact on the side. Although things didn't necessarily go as well as hoped in the short-term, what he had in his favour was that he could point to the trophies that he had won as an example of what he could do, but also, that at the time, United were not expected to win league titles. Moyes took over a side that won the title by 11 points last season and has seen them drop 23 points behind the league leaders already. A small dip was perhaps expected and understandable but the drastic slide that has happened is not, but Moyes also does not have a record of winning trophies to point to that he could turn it around. Football is a very short term business at the moment and often managers do get sacked earlier than they should do. But in most business, employees have targets to meet and if they do not meet those targets, they lose their jobs, so why should football be any different to that? I would have liked David Moyes to have succeeded as Manchester United manager but I never expected him to do so as I saw no evidence in his previous employment that he was the right man for the job. You could have given him more time and money to spend on the team over the summer, but if they are in the same position this time next season then it would be harder situation to recover from. I think Moyes would have been given another season at least had he been closer to the top four or if there were signs that he could turn it around. But if anything, the performances were getting worse and there were no signs that he could. The Chosen One? David Moyes was never The Right One