About Roobla

Roobla is an ambitious passion project founded in 2010 as an alternative entertainment content site for culture consumers who enjoy reading and/or producing content.

Our birthday is 1st April, so note that down, and if you have been with us from the start you will recall our original name of Movie Farm, “Where films roam free”. You may also remember our mascot, Bradley Patt, or those Pesky Pigs.

Pesky Pigs would know secret insider information about films and share it with us

We are UK based, with an office in Chatham’s Historic Dockyard, but our creators and readership is spread throughout the world.

We’re proud of what we’ve already accomplished. To list just a few, we’re one of IMDb’s highly sought-after newsdesk parters, our review ratings have been emblazoned on marketing material and package art, and most important of all, we’ve helped ambitious creators develop, progress and achieve their career goals.