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  • TV

    Video: Viral sensation Noah Ritter on Ellen

  • Tangent

    Video: Fluffy bird is R2-D2 in disguise

  • Sport

    Video: What does Mike Tyson think of Mayweather and his Ali claims

  • Internet

    The Daily Melt: Puppy is befuddled by the hiccups

  • TV

    Mad Ads: Baby Laugh-a-lot

  • TV

    Video: Anti-catcalling news report finds an idiot

  • Film

    Video: Mark Ruffalo takes on some sexist interview questions

  • Gaming

    Video: GTA V short film ‘Super Clown’ ain’t bad, ya know!

  • Internet

    The Daily Melt: Big dog is chased by tiny dog, cuteness overload ensues