Remember Me

Three part supernatural drama.


Director(s): Ashley Pearce

Writers: Gwyneth Hughes

Starring: Michael Palin, Jodie Comer, Mark Addy, Julia Sawalha

Gripping storyline
Not exactly scary
Release Dates
UK: Sun 23 Nov, 2014

tv Review

Michael Palin takes the lead in BBC’s supernatural drama Remember me.

Palin delivers a convincing performance as the curious Tom Parfitt, an elderly man that harbours a bizarre secret.

Faking an accident in this own home, Tom convinces his social worker Allison Denning to relocate him into a retirement home.

Upon arriving he befriends care worker, Hannah Ward (Jodie Comer) , a young woman struggling to juggle work and a dysfunctional family life.

In the first of many unusual circumstances, Denning falls to her death from Tom’s room window, despite their being only her and the fragile ‘ 80 odd’ year old present, leading Detective Rob Fairholme (Mark Addy) to believe the death is more complex than first thought.

Following the tragedy Hannah accepts an errand from the distressed Parfitt and agrees to take his suitcase back to his home and finds a large collection of memorabilia from Scarborough Fair, including an excessive number of copies of the folk song with the same name.

After entering his house Hannah is plagued by strange dreams and experiences and informs Detective Fairholme she believes the death in the care home may be linked to the supernatural.

An original storyline from writer Gwyneth Hughes, it’s more haunting than scary, emphasising more on effective atmosphere than jump scares.

The family relationships of the key characters at first seems a little out of place and I suspected might just be in the plot to bulk up the characters back story but as the story unravels you see that each character’s personal torment is fundamental to the underlying theme of lonelinesses and co-dependence

If your looking for cheap thrills and a fast paced storyline this isn’t for you.

For those willing to appreciate a chilling supernatural drama with convincing characters and a harrowing plot I guarantee you an enjoyable watch.

Living up to its title it really is a story you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Total Score
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  1. Jessica-Leigh

    You have now made me want to watch this program. The way you describe Remember me in amazing language is really helpful and i understand furely what its about. Carry on writing reviews like this and you will soon be picked up as a writer. I should be looking for more work published by you and good luck with your future carer.

  2. hayley

    I watched the three part series myself,excellent review.