Advertise on Roobla

Roobla offers a number of advertising opportunities site wide. We deal with our advertisement in-house, so no passing you on to any third parties. We do our up-most to be prompt and to the point. Dilly-dallying is for the weak!

We do have a rate card listing all possible advertising at a competitive price. This can be provided upon request.

Category sponsor positions are available. Sponsor every article in one of the major categories of the site. Your logo will be prominently displayed on every post at the top right of the article and on the home page of the subject. For an added extra you can takeover the sidebar ad or surround the background of every article in your subject.

Things to Remember

We have a policy in place that is there in our user’s best interests. Although we strive to do our up-most order cialis online when keeping our advertisers happy, our priority will always be our user. With this in mind here are a few things we will always say no to;

– No gambling ads of any kind

– No in content / text links to sites of irrelevance. (Irrelevance decided at our discretion)

– No content of an 18+ nature

– No guest posts of any kind (sorry guys, we do not need you)

– Any of the above similar to what you are asking to promote – it’s a no, buddy!

What Now?

If you are happy to push ahead and start a long and engaging relationship with us, then it is time to get in touch!

Ping us over an email to ‘advertise[AT]‘ and someone will get back to you as fast as humanly (no machines) possible.