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Review: The Hounds (2011)

The Hounds is a low-budget horror with a clever twist that will make you jump, but it can’t escape from amateur film-making and poor scripting.

Sarah Edmonds | 5 years | Read
Tangent Review

We Need To Talk About Kevin

We Need To Talk About Kevin is composed of a series of confessional letters written by a mother whose son has committed a premeditated act of violence.

Roobla Team | 5 years | Read
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Review: A Late Quartet (2013)

In what could easily be a stuffy affair, A Late Quartet manages instead to leave a lasting and emotional impression, thanks hugely to its wonderfully played cast.

David Pratt | 5 years | Read
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Review: The Heist (2009)

Despite the enjoyable efforts of its cast, The Heist is a film stunted by its own unimaginative narrative, resulting in a forgettable experience.

David Pratt | 5 years | Read
Film Review

One Mile Away (2012)

The fact remains that things may never change but whilst documentary One Mile Away is light on details it is heavy on heart and intention.

Jack Bottomley | 5 years | Read
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Good Hair (2009)

Good Hair is an interesting and funny documentary about attitudes towards women’s hair in the African-American community, with deeper insights about racial integration and the quirks of black society.

Rob Batchelor | 5 years | Read
Film Review

Thale (2012)

Thale is a decent enough supernatural thriller with an affecting story that unfortunately doesn’t quite live to its promise.

Paul Anderson | 5 years | Read