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Gaming Video

Video: State Of Play – FIFA 18 – Most Red Cards Wins

Tom and Jonno see red.

Tom Batt | 4 weeks | Read
Film Review

Review: Lady Macbeth (2016)

Marriage, lust, and murder in Northumberland.

Thomas Salmon | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: EE BAFTA 2018 360 Degree Quiz with Joanna Lumley

How much BAFTA history do you know?

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Ready Player One – ‘Come With Me’ Spot

Let the game begin!

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Trailer

Take a deep breath before saying this title.

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Red Sparrow – Character Featurette

Russian collusion.

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Rampage – Trailer #2

Ape escape!

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: A Quiet Place – Official Trailer

The Sound of Silence.

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Mom and Dad – Clip

Daddy’s angry!

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Rabbits in Movies

With Peter Rabbit getting the big screen treatment, we look back at some other hopping characters who have graced cinema.

Olivia Haines | 1 month | Read
Film Video

Video: Venom – Teaser Trailer

First look at the Spidey spin-off.

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read
TV Video

Video: Jessica Jones: Season 2 – Trailer

She’s back!

Tom Batt | 1 month | Read

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To Russia with Love. The Duke of Cambridge won’t be coming.

Kieran Edwards | 15th March 2018
You might be excused for thinking that the recent story surrounding the World Cup in Russia seems to be more like a James Bond movie, but unfortunately this latest news is not a fictitious story. Oh and before you say, I know it's 'From Russia with Love', I was just…



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  1. Dan Green opinionated on Review: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    "A little bit of a shame that it seems to have punched below its weight, but an all-star cast can sometimes be a double-edged sword."

  2. Olivia Haines opinionated on Video: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women – Clips

    "It will be interesting to see how this movie deals with this backstory to Wonder Woman. The recent movie has reestablished her as a feminist…"

  3. Antonella opinionated on Review: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

    "What a movie this was! I am a huge fan of Original Blade Runner and its soundtrack. As a child I enjoyed the original version…"

  4. Tom Batt opinionated on Sylvester Stallone on to Direct Creed 2

    "Apologies for the error, it has now been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out."

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    Video: A Quiet Place – Featurette #2

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