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Does Lynx the robot mark the beginning of housebound Humanoids

Lynx and other consumer robots are beginning to integrate the power of A.I. personal assistants like Alexa…

Tom Wickens | 8 months | Read
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My day spent in Silicon Valley, California: Apple HQ and Google HQ

Whether you are an Apple fan or a Google fan, both of these places should be on your list to see if you are ever in the area.

Karl Ramos | 2 years | Read
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Pre-Release Preview: CoolPi by Scott Manufacturing Inc

Awesome and lightweight case to keep your Raspberry Pi board from overheating, and also safe as well.

Dan Umstattd | 2 years | Read
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Pre-Release Preview: The Field Rucksack by Standard Pacific Goods

Yet another Kickstarter item I’m super excited for. It’s looking like the Field Rucksack will be one of the better bags yet.

Nathanael Bunge | 2 years | Read
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Ultimate Duffle Bag? First Look: KP Duffle

First look at one of the best travel bags I’ve heard of to date. Stay tuned for my hands-on!

Nathanael Bunge | 3 years | Read