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brand new instalment in the Saints Row franchise could possibly be in development, according to a tweet from an actor.

Actor/comedian Jay Mohr sent out a tweet last night which said he was recording his voiceover for a new Saints Row game. He wrote: “About to do my voice over work for new Saints Row video game.”

Along with the tweet he posted a picture from inside the recording studio which showed a microphone set-up and a TV displaying six un-identifiyable characters. It is unclear whether Jay was referring to a brand new instalment in the Saints Row franchise or whether the new game is in fact an upcoming DLC for Saints Row IV.

Saint’s Row IV was released back in August and was critically acclaimed worldwide for its fun action and humorous story. It went on to sell over 1 million copies.

We’ve reached out to Deep Silver, publishers of Saints Row, for comment – so far, no word back.

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