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Have you made your way to this page because you are looking for a place to write about the things you’re passionate about?

Keep reading and let’s see if we have the space for you to explode your opinions onto the face of the world.

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Putting it simply, are you confident enough to opinionate many features, reviews and news about your subjects of passion?

We have created this superb platform with the newbie writer in mind. You will look long and hard before you find a publication as geared towards newbies as this. Take advantage of the thousands of man hours that have gone into creating a space any writer can be proud of being a part of.

We welcome writers from all walks of life. As long as your English is of a high enough standard (our editors will advise you on this) and your opinions backup-able you are more than welcome to join our team.

We are looking for writers/journalists passionate about Film, Gaming, Internet, Music, Sport, Technology and TV.

For those writers ready to make the leap, we have space for subject editors within all subjects mentioned above. Each subject there is only space for 2 editors, so visit the ‘Our Team‘ page to see which editors we already have in place waiting to team up with you.

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