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Directed by: Navin DevRoobla Screen Indie - Showcasing The Best Indie Cinema
Produced by: Navin Dev
Written by: Navin Dev
Edited by: Matthew Oliver
Film’s Origin: United Kingdom
Lead Actors: Alfie Sampson, Andre Bacelar, Justin Barham Foster, Gebrel El-Khamlichi, Umaymah El-Khamlichi
Length: 10:08 minutes's Screen Indie Short - The Tree ManSynopsis:
Set between chapters 15 and 16 of Carlo Collodi’s classic novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’, ‘The Tree Man’ depicts Pinocchio’s seemingly final minutes as he hangs from a tree. As he slowly dies, he spiritually journeys into an inferno of fear, guilt and hope through his encounters with key symbolic characters such as the Maiden with Azure Hair and the ghost of the Talking Cricket. As he falls deeper into darkness, Pinocchio learns the crucial dangers and virtues of the mortality he seeks.

‘The Tree Man’ (2009) is a award winning* short film written, produced and directed by Navin Dev. It has been screened in several international film festivals

*Jury Prize – 2011 TimeOut Critic’s┬áChoice Puppets on Film Festival, U.K

Why Watch?: Navin’s short film ‘The Tree Man’ follows suit from his previous short ‘Red Hood’ with its outstanding production values. A film where you can’t help but to marvel at how he did each and every shot.

Beware, it’s not a Pinocchio you would want to show the children… that’s for sure.

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