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Directed by: David GreenRoobla Screen Indie - Showcasing The Best Indie Cinema
Produced by: Ryan Hendricks
Film’s Origin: United States of America
Lead Actors: David Cross, Emanuel Borria, Genevieve Jones, Ryan Bradley Heine

Length: 6:08 minutes

Screen Indie Short: Meltdown at MovieFarm.comSynopsis:
Last night’s leftovers are presented with a cold reality.  A massive ice block has invaded the refrigerator and is swallowing the food one item at a time. In an epic struggle for their survival, Spaghetti, Ham Sandwich, and Celery embark on a journey to the refrigerator’s temperature control knob.

Why Watch?: Who knows what goes on in the fridge once the door closes? For all we know this could unknowingly be an accurate recreation… Whatever the case may be, this brilliantly shot short film will leave you feeling sorry for your refridgerated goods.

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