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Directed by: Jerry VasilatosRoobla Screen Indie - Showcasing The Best Indie Cinema
Produced by: Jerry Vasilatos, Zoe Triantafillou, Trevi Albin
Written by: Jerry Vasilatos
Film’s Origin: United States of America
Lead Actors: Christopher Nendick, Allyssa O’Donnell, David Sanchez, George Hroziencik, Beatrice Schneider

Length: 14:48 minutes

Screen Indie Short: The Dark Knight ProjectSynopsis:
“The Dark Knight Project” chronicles the adventures of Gotham Midtown students Heather Nolan and Mikey Bale, played by Allyssa O’Donnell and David Sanchez. Intent on being the first people in Gotham City to capture actual video of the Dark Knight in action for a school project, they set out with their video camera to interview people on the streets, witness the evacuation of a city block by police in the middle of a bomb scare, and ultimately encounter Batman in the middle of a back alley break-in where he saves both high schoolers from a menacing group of thugs working for the Joker.

Why Watch?: Fan fiction at its most creative. Batman fans will not be disappointed, and as the film’s website states; ‘Made by Batman fans FOR BATMAN FANS!’

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