We Are What We Are is an American Gothic style horror film about a strange family trying to preserve their traditions in the wake of a tragedy. The Parker family are a quiet bunch who like to keep to themselves and avoid contact with the neighbours in their small town. When Ma Parker (played by Kassie DePaiva who is strangely not listed in the credits anywhere) dies, Frank (Bill Sage) the father in the family takes over and tries to keep the family together which consists of two daughters, Iris and Rose but also a young son called Rory. The family have an unusual and macabre secret however which alerts the attention of the local cops in town, young women start disappearing in the town and Sheriff Meeks (Nick Damici) tries to solve the case. His investigation leads him to the Parker family who are clearly up to no good and possibly involved in the disappearances. To make matters worse a torrential rainstorm moves into town like a bad omen of things to come.

The film is directed by Jim Mickle and is a remake of a Mexican movie with the same name directed by Jorge Michel Grau in 2010. The story is unusual, disturbing but also intriguing as it deals with subject matter that is fairly uncommon these days.

It’s always nice to see an American horror film made in the Gothic style, The Parkers look like an ordinary family but are up to all kinds of weird stuff behind closed doors, they adhere to their twisted family tradition with a religious fervor that is unsettling. The film explores all the strange stuff that can go on in familiar surroundings and behind closed doors.¬† We Are What We Are has a downbeat, grim tone and is a very serious film.

The trailer is creepy and very effective, it gives the viewer some basic plot details and avoids unnecessary spoilers. It also establishes a creepy atmosphere and it makes good use of an unsettling yet subtle musical score that adds to the tension. The film has a nice cast  including Kassie DePaiva, Michael Parks and Kelly McGillis who are all veterans and excellent actors. Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers and Julia Garner stand out as the Parker family as they look very convincing in their roles.

We Are What We Are appears to a solid remake of an older movie which is a rare trick these days. The trailer is interesting and the film appears to have an unusual tale to tell.

The film will be out on October 25th, check out the trailer and share your thoughts.