The first Hangover movie was fun but also full of ideas and crazy scenarios. It became a big hit and also introduced cinema audiences to actors like Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. It excelled with its brand of bizarre comedy and along with other movies like Due Date it quickly became a comedy favorite among fans of the genre. The only problem with movies like this is there is a limit to how far you can take them with sequels. The Hangover had a very simple plot which worked in its favor but how do you make a successful sequel that builds on the strengths of the first film?

The Hangover Part II did well commercially when it was released but a lot of cinema goers felt it was not that good. Even some die hard fans of the series felt the movie was not quite funny or creative enough. Despite this the studio obviously felt a third movie still had potential and they released a few trailers to get people interested.

Unfortunately the trailer for The Hangover Part III does nothing to really entice the viewer to see the film. The trailer is short on gags and only really has one proper joke involving a giraffe that comes right at the end. Even that particular joke is rather uninspired and not enough to sell the movie. That gag will also no doubt have PETA followers in an uproar.  It is possible that a better trailer will be released closer to movies release date but time will tell. Technically this trailer is a teaser so it is allowed to be a bit vague but it still has to entice the audience which it does not really do.

The trailer opens with a funeral scene as Alan’s (Zach Galifianankis) father has died. After the funeral Alan, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha) decide to visit Las Vegas again. The film is mainly about Alan and how he comes to terms with the loss of his dad. His friends are there to lend him support and help him through the grief. This element of the story is a nice change of pace for the series and could actually help the third film stand out. It is definitely the best thing about the trailer and the movie based on what has been shown so far.  When the group reach Vegas all hell breaks loose as the guys get themselves into trouble again. A killer also appears in town (played by John Goodman) and Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) from the second movie also appears again. Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids also appears in the film and the trailer.

The Hangover Part III may turn out to be a popular movie as the previous two films did well at the cinemas. How good it will be as a comedy is still a mystery. Comedies in this style work best when the main characters are thrown into absurd situations. The first Hangover and other films like Due Date did this very well. The audience never knew what crazy events would transpire next. The third film needs to successfully do this and also be funny at the same time. Hopefully the returning actors and new additions to the cast like John Goodman can deliver and make the film worth a look. Also by exploring new elements like the death of Alan’s father, the killer in Vegas etc the film may avoid being a mere rehash of the original Hangover.

The Hangover Part III will be released on May 23rd.

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