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Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has already got its first two teaser trailers. Looking set to be a gritty and dark affair it may lack the fun of the Christopher Reeves installments, with Clark Kent here earning his keep on a fishing boat – perhaps its to afford to maintain his unkempt looking beard.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill Poster 2012

Before we start to worry, some clever Youtube type has created the mash-up below. Featuring the same visuals as the teaser trailer this version also includes John Williams’s iconic Superman score which replaces Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings arrangement used in the original teaser. Although Shore’s offering mirrors the visuals pretty well Williams’ score makes us a whole lot more excited for the film. Seeing a young Supes appear with a cape tied round his neck to Williams’s soaringly bombastic theme gave us goosebumps.

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