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A movie bought to us by the same company behind such greats as Snakes On A Train, Sunday School Musical and Princess and The Pony (never heard of them? Don’t worry about it, neither have we), could Almighty Thor break the poor expectations that follow anything created by The Global Asylum production company? In short, no.

In a movie where some of the more known actors are a wrestler who is, unfortunately, not Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson but Kevin Nash and the lead female role is played by Patricia Valesquez who had a bit part in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, the acting talent was never really going to draw in an audience.

Maybe the VFX would be outstanding and up to the same standards as Avatar? No. The effects looked as though they had been created by someone in their first year of university. This would be great if this was a university project but unfortunately it’s not.

So with those two elements failing, perhaps the story is compelling and imaginative enough that the audience would be totally engrossed in it and ignore the other two factors. This didn’t happen either. The story is very repetitive and feels as though the director or producers had said ‘Ok, so we need to make it about 90 minutes long but there is only 30 pages of script, hmmm, why don’t we just use the same 30 pages again and again?’. The story can be summed up as this: Thor gets beaten by Loki, Thor moans about it, Thor gets beaten by Loki, Thor moans about it, Thor has an uzi but still gets beaten by Loki who also kills his female friend, Thor really moans about this, then Thor fights Loki and wins. Finally. The repetitive and mind numbing story made it very difficult to watch, let alone enjoy. Not only this but it is completely nonsensical and feels like the director was making it up as he went along.

The movie’s budget is evidently very low and their ambitions maybe too high. To tell a story as complex as one based on the Thor mythology would always be an ambitious project. With that said it genuinely looks as though the actors enjoyed themselves making it, especially Cody Deal who plays the title character, who also spent every scene with a small grin on his face as if to say ‘I really hope things can only get better’.


Best actor: CGI dog beast.
Least scence-making scene: Thor with an uzi.

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