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Morgan, unsurprisingly, tells the story of a man called Morgan played by David Warner. He is a strange, aggressive and rather odd man who often escapes reality by falling into a dream world, often looking at people or situations and imagining an animal there instead, as his ex-wife proclaims; ‘he’s always liked animals’. Vanessa Redgrave plays his ex-wife in her first film role and the film is based very much around the relationship of these two people.

Morgan is infatuated with Leonie and he cannot let her go, even if she does start dating a new man. Morgan’s behaviour and frame of mind, along with his unconventional ways push Leonie to the edge and she decides she wants a divorce. This is what spurs Morgan on to create a plan of action to get his wife back, even if he does eventually lose his mind completely.

Shot entirely in black and white, this is a film very much of its time. Released in 1966 the fashion, the music and even the acting style convey the period. Some music interludes echo that of the Carry On films and that slightly perverse British humour.

David Warner plays Morgan with a bewildered expression that succeeds in making Morgan an oddball character. He is completely sound of mind within in his own head and often makes the people he interacts with question their sanity. At moments he is so unpredictable that he verges on being slightly psychopathic. Warner really keeps all the elements of Morgan within control.

Vanessa Redgrave is quite delightful in this film. Not only do you appreciate what a stunning young actress she was, but also how much of a fantastic actress she has become since this release. She plays Leonie with an impish, childlike quality and it is through this that you can understand why she and Morgan got together in the first place. A lot of their personalities are well matched except for the fact that Leonie is in charge and that is seen in the first 30 minutes. She plays with Morgan’s mind but because of how she is it all seems quite innocent. She is drawn to him and you can see her knowing how to wrap him round her little finger.

Best performance: Vanessa Redgrave.
Best line: Morgan – ‘Charles Napier! I cannot allow you to sleep with my wife. I don’t like it. It makes me feel funny in my head’.
Best scene: When Morgan visits the art gallery to see his love rival.
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Vanessa Redgrave received a Best Actress nomination for this film.

Bradley says: Morgan is a great piece of cinema from the 60’s. It provides a great insight into a very popular decade for film.’

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