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After rumours of his giving up acting, Steve Carell provides another side-splitting performance in this likeable comedy.

At time Carell’s heart doesn’t seem to be totally in it, but this is counteracted by Tina Fey’s performance. Playing boring married couple, the Fosters, Carell and Fey offset each other well.

When their friends announce they are getting a divorce, Phil (Carell) and Claire (Fey) find their weekly ‘date night’ put under strain. In an attempt to woo his wife phil extrovertly takes someone else’s table reservation in a swanky restaurant in manhattan. All hell breaks lose after they are mistakenly believed to be the mysterious Triplehorns and they find themselves embroiled in a tale of corruption, lies and the search for a ‘computer sticky thing’ (that’s a flash drive to you and me).

There are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments and Carell’s desperate rant at topless Mark Wahlberg is a highlight. With Fey at the top of her game (having starred in a string of comedies and currently starring in 30 Rock, yes that programme constantly advertised on Paramount Comedy) the film acts as evidence as to just why carell should remain in the business.

Best bit: Watching Fey and Carell awkwardly master pole dancing.
Best performance: Tina Fey, especially her reaction to Will.I.Am
Best line: ‘We are going to die!’

Do the Triplehorns looks familiar? Look closer behind the tattoos and you’ll see that they are in fact James – Harry from Spiderman – Franco and Mila – Meg from Family Guy – Kunis.

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