Film Review

Review: The World’s End (2013)

You’ve got blue on you – we review Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, an apocalyptic comedy that pits Simom Pegg and Nick Frost against a town that isn’t all that it seems…

Naomi Barnwell | 4 years | Read
Film Video

Film Trailer Review: The Colony (2013)

A small group of people have to survive a new Ice Age and cannibal killers in this sci-fi thriller.

Chris Asiama | 4 years | Read
Film Feature

Vince Vaughn: Wasted Talent?

Vince Vaughn is a much loved actor but one who stars in many bad movies, however, he is entertaining and his presence improves many films.

Kim Pearce | 4 years | Read
Film Review

Review: Confine (2013)

With wholly poor performances and direction that fails to create suspense or threat, Confine is an unsuccessful attempt to reach the highs of the home invasion genre.

David Pratt | 4 years | Read