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I, Anna (2012)

I, Anna is a slow-burning noir thriller that looks at London differently and features strong lead performances, a stirring soundtrack and stylish directing.

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Arirang (2011)

Kim Ki-duk’s documentary examining his own motives for making films is lacerating, excoriating, and completely fascinating.

Film Review

The Thing (1982)

If you are able to stomach the nauseating splatter, John Carpenter’s The Thing is an efficient, confident and frightening movie.

Luke Allen | 5 years | Read on
Film Review

Annie (1982)

The exceptional Annie returns with a Blu-ray makeover and sing-a-long version so you can join in and sing for the sun to come out tomorrow.

Larry Crowne 2012
Film Review

Larry Crowne (2011)

What is intended as a ‘you-can-achieve-anything-regardless-of-age’ story ends up being a drab affair of randomness in Larry Crowne.