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Here’s this week’s look at some of the most exciting trailers for upcoming films, including Wrath of the Titans and Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt and Kristin Scott Thomas take on the seemingly impossible task of introducing salmon fishing to the Yemen in this romantic comedy drama. McGregor is in his element playing fisheries expert Fred Jones, who is approached by a wealthy Sheikh (Amr Waked) dreaming of enriching the lives of his people by giving them the opportunity to enjoy his own favourite pastime. Incredulous, Jones claims that introducing salmon to the hostile desert country is impossible, and refuses to take on the challenge – that is, until the Prime Minister’s press secretary, Bridget Maxwell (Scott Thomas), gets the idea that it would be the perfect Middle Eastern ‘goodwill’ story. Jones is thrown into a life-changing struggle to bring salmon fishing to the Yemen through a combination of perseverance and faith.


In action thriller Brake, Steven Dorff stars as Jeremy Reins, an American Secret Service Agent who finds himself trapped inside the trunk of a car at the mercy of terrorists. They subject Reins to a series of torturous high speed ordeals in an attempt to force him to give them information about the top secret ‘Roulette’, an emergency measure set in place to protect the President and Vice President at a secret location in the event of a national emergency. Reins must watch a clock tick down to a nameless disaster as the terrorists try various methods of getting him to talk: flooding the trunk with water, pumping it full of live bees, and even sending an agent after his wife Molly (Chyler Leigh). Reins is left to make a gut-wrenching decision; he can save himself and the people he loves, but only if he betrays one of his country’s most vital secrets.

MS One: Maximum Security

An action thriller with a sci-fi twist, MS One: Maximum Security (also known as Lock-Out) stars Guy Pearce as Snow, a man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the United States. He is given a chance to redeem himself by rescuing the President’s daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace, who you will remember as Liam Neeson’s kidnapped daughter in Taken) from inside a maximum security prison which has been taken over by the inmates. Here comes the sci-fi twist; the prison is no ordinary prison, but is in fact situated in outer space, completely isolated from Earth with no chance of escape. Snow must first break into this prison and fight his way past the dangerous inmates before locating Emilie and somehow getting back out again. On top of all that, it looks like the cosmic Alcatraz is in danger of falling out of the sky and crashing into the Earth; Snow and Emilie must race against time to save themselves and the people on the planet below.

Wrath of the Titans

Sam Worthington returns to the world of myth and legend this year as Perseus in Wrath of the Titans (sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans). Ten years after his victory against the monstrous Kraken, Perseus, now a simple fisherman, must travel into the Underworld to rescue Zeus, King of the Gods (Liam Neeson), who has been taken captive by his evil brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and his father Kronos. The film also stars Rosamund Pike as Andromeda, and Bill Nighy as Hephaestus. Wrath of the Titans looks to be a fitting follow up to Clash, another far-fetched fantasy action film along the lines of Troy and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White

Mirror Mirror will be the first of two takes on the story of Snow White to be released this year (the other being Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart). Starring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Lily Collins as Snow White, Mirror Mirror is a fantastical comedy, and a much lighter look at the Snow White tale than has been attempted in recent years. The fashion has been to emphasise the darker side of the story, such as in 1997’s Snow White: A Tale of Terror starring Sigourney Weaver and, of course, Snow White and the Huntsman, which will be released in June. Bucking the trend, Mirror Mirror will verge on slapstick, creating a sumptuous fantasy world complete with amazing costumes which really do seem lifted straight out of a fairy tale.