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Johnny Depp voices Rango in a film that turns the classical western on its head. Water is running short and his new town is in despair. Rango sees this as his opportunity to be a true hero far beyond his imagination and he soon becomes the Sheriff…
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Lake Mungo
Australian horror Lake Mungo follows in the footsteps of the likes of Rec and The Blair Witch Project and delivers a chilling docu-style horror…
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The Violent Kind
A group of bikers are confronted with a demonic group who promise the end of the world is nigh. Packing a great soundtrack and some neat scares, The Violent Kind is an interesting horror…

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Captain America
Chris Evans is finally unleashed into cinemas as the original Avenger, Captain America.

Kevin James is a zookeeper who finds the animals breaking their silence and talking to him to help him get the woman of his dreams.

Also released…
Horrid Henry – The Movie

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