Battle: Los Angeles
Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez star in this alien invasion movie. In a vain similar to that of Skyline it follows the invasion not from the perspective of the government (a lá Independence Day), but through the eyes of the troops deployed to tackle the menace. Read our review here or click here to buy Battle: Los Angeles on DVD from Amazon.

Animal Kingdom
Widely praised, Animal Kingdom is a gangster/family drama directed by David Michôd that stars Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver and introduces James Frechville as Joshua ‘J’ Cody. Likened to Goodfellas, this Australian thriller is sure to enthrall. Click here to buy Animal Kingdom [DVD] from Amazon or read our review here.

Rochester castle is under attack and a small group of Knights must defend it against the threat of King John. Starring James Purefoy and Brian Cox, Ironclad is an epic tale of war and heroism. Click here to buy Ironclad [DVD] from Amazon.

Also released…
Devil’s Rock – Read our review here.
Love’s Kitchen – Read our review here.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
In case you haven’t heard already, the final Harry Potter instalment is released this week. The battle between good (Potter) and evil (Voldemort) reaches its climax with some heart-wrenching scenes thrown in along the way. Alan Rickman offers a stand out performance as Professor Snape. Sure to have fans weeping by the end credits, Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a phenomena not to be missed. Read our review here.

Cell 211
Spanish prison drama Cell 211 is finally released in cinemas this week. Of course it will be eclipsed by the boy wizard but if you can sneak in a second cinema visit this week we’d highly recommend Cell 211. Read our review here.

Hobo With a Shotgun
Rutger Hauer stars in this crazy movie which promises that the titular hobo will shoot at pedophilic santas and crooked cops… sorry Harry, we’ve got to see this!

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