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Since Spectre (2015) hit our screens, lead man Daniel Craig showed clear signs of not wanting to step back into Q Branch for another outing, in fact he went as far to say: I would rather slash my wrists.”

But news has now begun to circulate on an apparent return for Craig for one last outing as the British super spy. None other than Barbara Broccoli, one of the producers of the 007 franchise, has said she has ‘nearly persuaded’ Craig to hop into his Aston Martin and swill a martini or two for the new Bond film.

If Craig returns for Bond #27, then this will be his fifth turn as the popular character, and to be honest, I hope he does return. A lot of people didn’t like Spectre, I was not one of them.

If they are able to continue amalgamating the new, rougher style of Bond with some of the fancy tricks and gadgets that audiences have become accustomed to over the last 55 years then I have a lot of faith that the next film could be special. Also, who doesn’t want Craig to go out with a bang?!

Personally, Craig is my favourite Bond, I know this is probably sacrilegious to fans of the series, but I just feel Danny boy gave the series a breath of fresh air, as well as director Sam Mendes. It modernised the franchise, taking away the cheese factor and adding something believable and raw.

Watch this space…..

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