Our top five news stories from this week…

  • Despite the endless adaptations it’s been subjected to (as well as proposed projects that have yet to be put into production), we’re excited to see how Ben Hibon’s Peter Pan film will turn out. Setting the story in a modern setting, Hibon plans will darken the children’s story. Aaron Eckhart is set to play detective Hook, hot on the trail of a kidnapper, who is aided by survivor Wendy.
  • It may not have been published yet, but literary trilogy Legend, penned by Marie Lu, has already been assigned Jonathan Levine as director. The story follow two teens as they discover the truths behind the story’s warring communities in North America.
  • More film adaptation news came this week when it was announced Andrew Niccol was back on board to direct Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. With Saoirse Ronan already attached to the project, fans of the book will no doubt be thrilled at the news.
  • Gareth Edwards’s low-budget smash Monsters is set to have a sequel. This time following two brothers and their attempts to find each other, it is rumoured to feature more action and more aliens than the original.
  • 20th Century Fox are rumoured to be making a movie adaptation of the Pied Piper. Quite how the tale of a child murderering piper will be bought to life is yet to be announced…


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