A few months ago it was revealed that actor and generally accepted ‘Hottest Guy in the Universe Right About Now’ Ryan Gosling was to direct his first film. How to Catch a Monster is currently in pre-production, and Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn (who you might remember as Dagett from The Dark Knight Rises) has been cast in what will presumably be a significant role.

So far in his career, Ryan Gosling has built a reputation out of two things; Number 1. Being a pretty darn decent actor much of the time, in films such as Drive, Lars and the Real Girl, and The Ides of March, and Number 2. Being a big walking pile of blonde blue-eyed squee in the eyes of many, many admirers. When questing for the name of a thespian that seems likely to make the leap from in front of the camera to behind, Gosling’s is not the first that springs to mind. In other words, quite a few people are questioning whether or not he can pull this off.

How to Catch a Monster, which Gosling has also written, is being described as a ‘fantasy noir’. Christina Hendricks, Gosling’s co-star in Drive, has been cast as a single mother whose son uncovers a secret underwater town. The plot of the film will follow the mother and son as they journey into the strange underwater world. The story seems fantastical, but whether or not How to Catch a Monster can be pigeon-holed as ‘a kid’s film’ remains to be seen.

This week, it was revealed that Ben Mendelsohn, who has had supporting roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Killer Elite and Australia, has now also been cast in the film, but we have no clues to his character as of yet. Mendelsohn has graced our screens recently in Killing Them Softly (also starring Brad Pitt) and will act alongside Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines, a crime drama set for a 2013 release.

How to Catch a Monster should be hitting our screens in 2014. Keep an eye on the farm for our coverage!


Sources: Movie Hole, Cinema Blend
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