Kick Ass Universal 2012

Continuing their 100th anniversary celebrations film studio Universal have commissioned new artwork for some of their most famous titles.

To coincide with HMV’s exclusive range of action Blu-rays and DVDs Universal have managed to create iconic new artworks for some of their more recognisable titles. HMV are stocking a special Reel Heroes range, including Hulk, Hellboy 2, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Shaun of the Dead and Kick Ass, as well as a collection of films centring on Screen Outlaws, including American Gangster and Scarface.

Below is a special venn diagram that shows how the titles in both series are interlinked…

Reel Heroes vs Screen Outlaws

What do you make of the relationships held between these films? Are there any links that haven’t been made? Let us know below!

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