Film4 Frightfest have announced the line-up for their much anticipated Halloween all-nighter, which is to commence on the evening of October 27th at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square. The event will also travel the country on November 3rd, taking place simultaneously at the Picturehouse Cambridge, the GFT Glasgow, the Empires in Sunderland and Newcastle and the Watershed Bristol.

The London line-up, which will feature five UK premieres, looks to be a horror-filled gore-fest of epic proportions; a must for any hardcore fans of the genre (those that are over eighteen, anyway). First up will be the UK premiere of Excision, which tells the story of troubled teen Pauline (Annalynne McCord) who retreats into a private fantasy world in which she is a great surgeon, all in an effort to impress her overbearing mother. Next the attendees will be treated to a surprise film, also slated to be a UK premiere.

After the mystery movie will be the UK premiere of The Tall Man. Children are disappearing from the depressed Canadian town of Cold Rock, and a tall man has been spotted at the crime scenes; he kidnaps the son of nurse Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) and she finds herself embroiled in a chilling legend. Next will be yet another UK premiere, BAIT 3D. Shoppers at an Australian underground supermarket are set upon by a Great White Shark after a freak tsunami floods the town, trapping them (and it) inside.

Following on from the shark-in-a-supermarket madness will be a special screening of 1979 horror Zombie Flesheaters to celebrate the launch of the restored version. Expect disembowelling, cannibalism, nudity, and the famous ‘splinter-in-the-eye’ sequence – and that’s just for starters. Last but not least, we have The Helpers, also a UK premiere. Seven friends are on a road trip to Las Vegas when they break down in the middle of the desert (classic horror territory). They find help at a nearby motel (never a good word where horror films are concerned), but wake up the next day to discover they have been bound and tied into a series of weird posed scenarios, each ending in violent death.

If you fancy getting in on over twelve gruesome hours of the best that horror has to offer, tickets for the London all-nighter cost £50 and will be available from the Vue Cinemas website from October 1st (for details of the regional screenings check out

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