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We here on the farm like to promote independent film makers. Here’s a 16 minute film by director Tarun Thind. Set in London, the film builds in momentum before rocketing to its climatic ending. You can see the English short film and poster below.

English short film Picture by JPP 2012

A gritty take on the day in the life of two judgement-prone youths from London.

The story follows two friends who upon stumbling across a harmonica, embark on a rollercoaster journey. Attracting the unwanted attention of several disgruntled characters, these intense encounters set up the perfect opportunity for the two friends to extraordinarily give the loudest speech of their lives.

English from Tarun Thind writer | director on Vimeo.

ENGLISH final poster 2012

Like what you see? Find out more about the director here and let us know what you think in the comments section below!