Sacha Baron Cohen by Joe Shlabotnik 2007

Daniel Craig may have had an audience with Her Majesty, but Sacha Baron Cohen is looking to become the newest secret agent in town. News that Sacha Baron Cohen is writing a spy spoof has reached us and we couldn’t be more intrigued.

Sacha Baron Cohen by Joe Shlabotnik 2007

There has been an abundance of spy-related spoof films over the years. Even before Austin Powers, Get Smart and Johnny English, there was Leslie Nielson in Spy Hard and, of course, Peter Sellers in the original Casino Royale. They’ve all blazed a trail in the genre and now it’s time for an update.

According to reports, the story will centre on Baron Cohen’s superspy going on the run with his brother – his ‘long lost’ brother who just happens to be a football hooligan. No news on the finer details of the story yet, but as soon as we have them, we’ll let you know.

You can be sure that the Paramount feature will be as eagerly anticipated as his previous ventures, although it is still uncertain as to whether Baron Cohen will star in the film. It will all come down to scheduling and availability. He’ll still be writing the comedy along with Phil Johnson, so they’ll be plenty of laughs. We’ll just have to be patient for more news on this one.

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