Despicable Minions 2010

In 2010 our screens were alive with sound of minions. Despicable Me hit cinemas and with it, came a swathe of yellow animations. Move over The Simpsons. There’s a new yellow in town… and the Despicable Minions are set to star in their own spin-off.

Despicable Minions 2010

They were the support to Steve Carell’s lovable criminal mastermind. Not really speaking, but stealing the show from under Gru’s substantial nose. Now those little Minions are about to star in their very own feature film. A tentative release date of 2014 has been set for the spin-off, which will follow on nicely from the proposed 2013 release of the Despicable Me sequel.

Director Pierre Coffin will have an interesting job ahead of him as the Minions speak in no discernible language. How he and writer Bryan Lynch tackle this will be an interesting task, not to mention making this into a full length feature. In the original film they provided a pocket-sized comical foil to the gargantuan wannabe criminal. Their facial expressions and bumbling antics were perfectly suited to the supporting cast, but as the stars of their own film they will need to be at the top of their game.

No word as of yet on whether Carell will lend his vocal stylings to the spin off, but it’s still early days. However, there are rumours that the story will focus on the interactions between the dungaree wearing half pints and humans. In a time where the Ice Age and Madagascar sequels reign supreme, not to mention the whispers of a Madagascan Penguin breakaway movie, those Minions will have their work cut out for them. Watch this space.

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