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Twilight: Eclipse – The third instalment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse carries on much in the same vein as its predecessors Twilight and New Moon. School is the least of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)’s worries as she faces graduation. Not only must she face being stalked by an ever-growing vampire army whilst her every move is watched by the harrowing volturi she must also decide whether her love for werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) can be shared with her love for vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson).

Inception – Dreams will never be the same again after watching Christopher Nolan’s captivating Inception. Cobb (Di Caprio) must battle his demons if he is to ever going succeed in implanting an idea into the mind of a client. Featuring stunning cinematography and great performances (notably Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy), Inception is one of the stand out films of 2010.

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