Fans of Dumb and Dumber have been hit with a double whammy, after Jeff Daniels confirmed that there wouldn’t be a sequel to the hit 1994 comedy without Jim Carrey. Plans were thrown into disarray after Carrey felt there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm emanating from New Line and Warner Bros. Daniels had stated; ‘It’s on the internet – we’re not doing it.’

Carrey had initially been happy to talk about the upcoming project, in which we were due to catch up with Harry and Lloyd 18 years after the events in the original. However, in recent times he had become frustrated at the slow progress shown by co-directors, The Farrelly Brothers, who had been heavily promoting their current vehicle, The Three Stooges.

Carrey had released a statement to ET Online saying ‘I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer – after all, it’s implied in the title.’

There has yet to be a response from either of The Farrelly Brothers and it is unsure whether the film will continue without both of its lead stars, although neither starred in the 2003 prequel. In this instance, younger actors were cast in the High School comedy, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd. Reviews were scathing and the film barely made a dent at the box office, earning itself a Razzie nomination along the way.

It remains to be seen if the sherbet orange and powder blue tuxedos of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne will be seen in cinemas again, but stranger things have happened. The Farrelly Brothers could make a funny movie again at some point.


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