Bad news for fans of the heroes in a half shell. Paramount have put the new motion picture on hold after the script has allegedly been given the thumbs down. The film was already pre-production and had been given a provisional release date of late 2013, but had hit a roadblock after an outcry over the direction the story had taken under the guidance of producer Michael Bay. The Transformers talisman had evoked criticism from fans and former turtles alike after it emerged he had switched the shelled avengers from mutants to little green men from outer space. Michelangelo himself, actor Robbie Rist, had blasted Bay accusing him of ‘sodomising’ the turtles and ‘raping’ our childhood memories.

While Bay rebuffed the accusations by saying he was just trying to ‘give a more complex back story’, it seems that the controversy may have contributed to the film being pushed back, until a possible early 2014 release date, while the script is re-tooled. Whenever the film is released, Ninja Turtles has already got the internet buzzing. Whether they remain mutants or if they’ve arrived from space, fans will have to wait a little longer to see the newest incarnation of the vigilante crime fighters. We wonder how they’ll explain Bebop and Rocksteady?


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