Nick Frost (pic taken by Maureen Nolan)

Nick Forst is set to star in comedy Cuban Fury. Also featuring Olivia Colman, Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dowd, the film is James Giffith’s feature film debut.

Nick Frost (pic taken by Maureen Nolan)

Co-financed by Studio Canal, Film 4 and the BFI Film Fund, Cuban Fury tells the story of Nick Frost’s ascent to being a salsa dancer despite a troubled history- and the actor promises he does all of his own dancing in the film.

Nick Frost first approached Nira Park with the line ‘how would you feel if I said we should do a film where I DANCE A LOT. Imagine me in tightly fitted sequinned garments with a lot of slow-mo’.

Rashida Jones is set to play Frost’s boss, O’Dowd his alpha-male colleague whilst Colman will play his sister Sam. The film is scheduled for release in spring 2013.

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