Project X

Project X was released this year with the intention of awing us with the ultimate house party. Littered with drugs, booze, half-naked and bizarrely old looking seventeen year-olds, it defines this generation as one who like to cause havoc and mischief in the name of being cool. Here are the top ten parties and wild nights in movies that you probably wish you’d been invited to but were glad that they weren’t taking place in your own home due to your lack of insurance.

Project X

10. Labyrinth: The Goblin Party

You can’t really get more messed up than a party in a fantasy world in the centre of a maze filled with goblins and David Bowie in a pair of inappropriately revealing jeggings as the host. Jennifer Connelly’s character Sarah is supposed to be looking for her little baby brother and here she is, dancing and essentially being date-raped by the Goblin King in a hall of mirrors. It’s only half-way through their dance routine that she realises that something is inherently wrong with this scenario, leaving Bowie to clean up all the broken glass and spilled booze. Typical.

9. Dazed and Confused: The First Keg Party

Perhaps The First Keg Party is a lot like The Last Supper. You find out who your real friends are, it ends with a kiss and things are never the same again afterwards. That is not to suggest that Jason London is Jesus at all mind you… Dazed and Confused showed the darker side of college fraternities with freshman being hazed and paddled right, left and centre. However, The Keg Party and its Lynard Skynard soundtrack made things all so clear for our three protagonists… that is until the drug haze lifted and the cops showed up meaning that everyone had to ditch their marijuana. Teen debauchery at its coolest.

8. Superbad: Jules’ Party

After a night of being chased by crazed thugs, cops and homeless guys, McLovin, Evan and Seth arrive at Jules (Emma Stone)’s house party as the heroes with the sought-after supply of alcohol. In spite of Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera)’s disastrous attempts at wooing the girls they’ve lusted after from afar, McLovin hits the sexual jackpot just as Officer Slater and Officer Michaels come barging in to shut down the shindig, rendering McLovin’s virginity still partially intact.

7. Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Holly’s Party

Filled with rich, good looking, interesting artsy types, Holly Golightly’s shindig was cut short by police intervention despite her status as a well-to-do New York socialite. Taking place in her tiny apartment, things got a little too wild and several women ended up laughing at their own reflection in the mirror whilst others found their headgear set alight. Wild, I’m sure you’ll agree. Trendy New York hipsters, aye?

6. American Pie: Stifler’s Party

At a teen house party you can guarantee that there is going to be a certain amount of semen around. That’s not being crude, it’s just physics. So when Stifler (Seann William Scott) throws a huge bash at his own house to boost his ‘cool’ status, the last thing he expected was to end up swallowing a cup full of the stuff. Alas, things don’t pan out great for Stiffler at his post-graduation bash but his mom cuts loose like no other. High fives all around.

5. Blade: Weird Sexy Vampire Party

Sure, they’re blood-thirsty demonic animals… but doesn’t it look like they’re having fun!? It’s all very 90’s Berlin with the ‘rave and strobe lighting in the abandoned warehouse’ thing and whatnot, but the sprinklers that shower the guests with blood are pretty new fangled. This vampire flick is probably why it seems really cool to be a hot, pale, evil vampire but let us never forget that Wesley Snipes is always around the corner, ready to shut it down. Take heed Twilight fans.

4. Weird Science: Wyatt and Gary’s Party

When the geeky pair create Lisa, a virtually enhanced woman with the brains of a genius and the beauty of a supermodel, they have the chance to become the coolest kids in school – but cool kids throw awesome parties and these shy guys aren’t exactly popular. As a result, the beautiful and charismatic Lisa pulls a few strings to make sure it’s the greatest party of all. However, poor Wyatt’s house is soon completely demolished by a mutant biker gang and the rogue appearance of a middle-range missile – not to mention that the dorky duo spend most of the night hiding in the bathroom. Still, they get a couple of kisses from some actual real-life girls at the end, so it’s no biggie.

3. Old School: Mitch-A-Palooza

College years seem like the best days of our legal-drinking youth but imagine reliving them when you’re middle aged!? Recruiting a team of brothers into their newly formed fraternity, the aptly dubbed ‘Frat Pack’ go wild on campus with the legendary and kind of naked ‘Frank The Tank’ (Will Ferrell) and Snoop Dogg as the guests of honour to celebrate their friend Mitch (Luke Wilson)’s new found singledom. Their later efforts get so wild that poor old elderly frat-boy Blue dies at the sight of two topless jello covered women, signalling that the party is definitely over.

2. Animal House: Delta Toga Party

If there were ever a movie that defined undergraduate secondary education it was Animal House, the forefathers to Old School’s brilliance. Forget Dead Poet’s Society, this is what school is and should be about. Starring ultimate 80’s party-boy John Belushi (who eventually met an untimely death due to his debauched lifestyle), the movie followed a pair of young pledges to the Delta Tau Chi Fraternity House of Faber College. After a disastrous sabotage on the fraternity’s test scores by their rival Thetas, the Deltas throw the ultimate toga party where MILF’s and beer kegs rule whilst textbooks and morals are thrown out of the window.

1. Get Him To The Greek: The ‘stroke the furry wall’ party

Many have dreamed of partying with rock stars. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, Coldplay… Who doesn’t want to get wild with some of the most famous men on earth, with hordes of women hurling themselves at you and your giant pile of booze and drugs? Aaron, that’s who. Jonah Hill finds himself in a compromising position as the vulnerable music talent scout who is assigned to get rock musician Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to his comeback gig within 48 hours. After failing to usher Snow onto a plane from London to New York, the pair end up in Vegas in the company of Snow’s father and Aaron’s boss Sergio.

With Snow encouraging Aaron to pursue some of the ladies hanging out in their hotel room, he is handed a ‘Jeffrey’ cigarette; a deadly cocktail of drugs that make Aaron go completely crazy. In between the hotel room going up in flames and being hit in the head with a snooker ball, Aaron is assaulted with a sexual implement and then chased by an infuriated P-Diddy through the Kubrickian hallways of Las Vegas, making one of the best party scenes the 21st century has ever witnessed. Stroke the furry wall.

Honorary Mentions:

Van Wilder
Sixteen Candles
Bachelor Party
Revenge Of The Nerds
Mean Girls
Annie Hall
The Godfather
Road Trip
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Empire Records

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