We take a look at Hollywood’s goriest beheadings…

10. Se7en

Gwyneth Paltrow meets an unfortunate end courtesy of moral madman Kevin Spacey. You never actually see the decapitation itself, or even the head for that matter… but it’s still a good contender. And having watched Sliding Doors I would probably welcome such a gift myself.

9. Braveheart

William Wallace dies for his freedom in this shouty, kilt-wearing blockbuster based on the life of a commoner leading an uprising against the English. It’s definitely the only tearjerker on the list.

8. Sin City

You know a film is good when you have more than one decapitation scene to choose from. Both are equally excellent but Miho’s sword wielding revenge wins as it gets more points for visual impact.

7. Prom Night

Classic prom night revenge, but remember kids, you should always check who it is before you swing that axe. You want the right head to roll out onto the dance floor.

6. 300

This adaptation of the Frank Miller comic series has some amazing imagery (am I right ladies..?!) and if you could bear to prize your eyes away from the sea of naked, sweaty torsos then you’d see the very technically impressive be-heading of a giant.

5. Scanners

This notorious scene of Telekinesis gone wrong is not technically a decapitation, but blimey it’s so good it had to be included. Created by shooting a dummy head filled with offal, it proves you don’t always have to use CGI to create amazing horror gore.

4. Friday The 13th

Jason’s crazy mother gets her comeuppance thanks to a machete-wielding camp counselor. There’s clearly only a certain number of times you can sing ‘Kumbayah’ round the campfire before going completely insane.

3. Re-Animator

With the doctor’s newly liberated head having been re-animated, he begins to wreak havoc on a poor young woman. The words ‘giving head’ have never been so meaningful…

2. The Evil Dead

Poor old Ash. No one wants to have to cut their own girlfriend’s head off with a shovel. But needs must when you’re battling with the possessed. Cult horror gore at its best.

1. The Omen

One of the first decapitations in mainstream Hollywood cinema, and arguably the best. Shot from multiple angles just to make sure you don’t miss a moment, this stands up alongside any current horror film scene.

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